How to make chain mail rings - Enhanced Jig

This is a jig that I made to make chain mail rings MUCH easier!
The jig comprises of 3 tensioner pulleys (these are just concave roller bearings for sliding doors - available at any good hardware store) that create the tension between the bar and the wire so that I don't have to.

Make sure that the roller closest to the bar is as close as possible (when you make your jig).
Follow the way I've made the wire go around and up (around that roller) and then to the bar - this not only creates the tension but also stops the wire from wanting to jump back onto itself (back onto the created spring) as it's going.
The Aluminium tube is 12mm diameter and the hole in the jig is 12.5mm (for an easy fit).
The thickness of stainless wire is 1.6mm which I think is an ornamental thickness. There are lots of other youtube vids that explain thicknesses and ring size and patterns in more detail.
The old jig that I showed is good for learning the basics and starting out, but you need to get into mass production of rings to create something big like a Hauberk.
This is only the first step in making the rings. I will be eventually making up a robotic jig for cutting the rings also. Stay tuned for that video! tags : chain,mail,ring,jig,howto,how-to,make

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